Don't Look Directly At It

January 2021

What We Do in the Shadows x I May Destroy You

September 2020

On Paul Thomas Anderson and the Haim Sisters

August 2020

Let Me Tell You About a Show I Love
Nathaniel Hawthorne Visits Jurassic Park (and gets eaten by a T. Rex)
On that David Bowie Dance Sequence from A Knight's Tale
Watchmen, Witch Armies, and Asking TV for More

May 2020

Watching She-Ra With My Daughter and Mad Men With My Friends
Maciak's Specialty Meats and Media Criticism
This used to be Netflix and Phil, but now it's something else!

December 2018

#12 // Hilda and the Sixth Extinction Maybe a week ago, before we took Maeve to see Mary Poppins Returns for her very first ever movie in a theater…

January 2018

#11 // Never Alone On Earth Happy new year! Ok, so, nominally, this is supposed to be a newsletter about TV. I mean, it’s also supposed to come out more…